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The Enterprise Academy

This Academy is open to all young people, both graduates and non-graduates; as well as skilled and unskilled, wherever they may be in Nigeria.

We are eager to meet youths who are graduates but unemployed. Such people need to be equipped with skills and information they need to create jobs for themselves.

For those that are still in the universities and high schools, we need to prepare them for life after school with our entrepreneurship development messages.

We are also eager to meet Nigerian youths that are already skilled and with special talents, who are still going about looking for White Collar jobs. We shall expose them to the enormous wealth they can create with their skills.

We have a message for uneducated and unskilled youths, who were less privileged to acquire any form of training. After exposing them to the need to build businesses for themselves during our Talk shows, we shall refer them to the Academy where they will be equipped with special skills of their choices.

The Stages

We shall adopt a three - levels approach in achieving the objectives set out for this academy, as follows:

  • The Business in You Talk show

We decided to adopt the talk show method, which is more informal as our strategy for the awareness campaign because of the impact we want to make on our target audience, which are young people.

Most times, where seminar and workshop methods are used for presentations, such settings appear too formal and academic. That is an impression we want to avoid at this stage of the project.

  • Special Panel Sessions

At this stage, we shall organize panel sessions where successful social entrepreneurs and innovators will be featured to interact with our participants.

This strategy will enable the participants hear from some of the successful entrepreneurs, how they started, the challenges they faced, how they overcame, the success recorded so far and the prospects in their line of businesses.

For those interested in music and acting, we shall feature prominent musicians and actors to speak with them. Those others interested in agribusinesses, we shall also bring them face to face with successful farmers.

For all the courses on offer at the Academy, we shall feature those already practicing in those fields to appear before our participants in a lively and moderated interactive session.

  • The Academy

The academy shall be a formal setting, where all who signed up shall be equipped with the entrepreneurship and leadership skills they need to succeed in their startups.

The duration of the academy is one month only with an option of 3 months internship for the participants. 

For now, the following courses are offered at the Academy:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Basic Computing and ICT
  • Basic Book Keeping
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Business Modeling
  • Business law
  • Communication